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Re: Wheel studs?

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

> Guys and girls,
> 	How many of you have been very frustrated by those stupid wheel 
> bolts on the Audi?  I hate 'em.  My RX7s all had 'em too.  I changed them 
> to studs.  They were only M12x1.5, and readily available.


	It might be worth it put up with those infernal wheel bolts.  I 
had it explained to me one time that the wheel _bolts_ are self-torqueing 
due to expansion/contraction or centifigal force or some such.

	The opposite side being that the wheel _studs_ tend to loosen 
their nuts over time.

	If this is indeed true, then I'll happily put up with the 
occasional nusience (sp) of dealing with the bolts if I know that I don't 
need to worry about them loosening and falling off.

	If this is untrue, please let me know and I might buy into the 
wheel studs!  <grin>


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