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200tq price...

> Too good to be true? Fair? High?

I just bought a one-owner '89 200tq with 92k, pearl white, BBS mesh wheels,
complete service history, etc. in very good condition but dirty for $8,200.
I thought this was a pretty good deal (when you can find these cars around
here, they usually bring $10k+) but yours sounds better still, although it
DOES have almost 50% more miles on it.  FWIW, both the NADA and Kelly blue
books show prices over $12k retail for excellent condition cars ... I'd be
surprised if one ever sold for *that* much, at least around here, but it's
probably possible somewhere in the country.  Mind you, with the wheels and
tires and RS2 turbo I've bought for it in the past three weeks, I've spent
another $3,200 on it and am rapidly approaching the $12k mark myself!  

BTW, I settled with Allstate on my '87 5k for $5,459.50 ... I successfully
bumped them up another $100 after I found out that's what they'd pay for a
second appraisal on the car if I disagreed with their valuation.  I said I
would agree to their first offer if they'd come up another $100, otherwise
I'd request a second appraisal...  ;^) 

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