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How to bleed??

Car's been on jacks for a week & a half now, finally get the calipers, hoses,
rotors, pads, carriers, & cables (which were too short) for the rear brakes,
put everything back together last night, only thing left to do is bleed the
brakes.  Is there a good & reliable way to do this manually?  I have a pressure
bleeder (Eezi-Bleed) but it isn't worth two sh%^s, so I need to do it by hand,
or have the car towed somewhere.  By the time I got to the bleeding part it was
about two in the morning so I had nobody to help, tried to do it myself, which
worked real well.  Drivin' the Chevy again today.  I know there's at least one
person on this list that bleeds with the aid of his wife's foot, is there any
trick to doing an Audi, or can I bleed it the same way as bleeding my truck?
 How about the clutch, how do you bleed a clutch without a pressure bleeder?

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