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A/C Thermostat P/N

... haven't checked the digests this morning yet, so apologies if this
is old news.  I checked the fiche for the QTC, 5kQ 200Q and V8Q and found
that they all had the same P/N for the A/C thermostat (811 820 295A), so
you might be able to find a replacement at a wrecking yard.  I mentioned
to you that it would involve opening the system, but I found that the 
thermostat is separate from the enclosed freon system (although it sounds
like you need to have that work done as well) ... I had to replace the 
expansion valve, which does involve evacuating the system ...

Let me know what the feedback is on the cost of re-enabling your A/C, I'm
in need of the same service ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)