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No Subject

llion dollar question is, can you read?

You owe me a Million Dollars, Yes I can Read. It would seem that you 
can't Jeremy. Like I said I've not only read the books, but I've done the 
empirical test's, I've worked with the engineers.  You hav'nt, Lighter 
flywheel, same principal. Reduce the rotational inertia and IT WILL 
Accelerate/Decellerate Faster.  Basic Physics.

Looks like you may have to spend more time in school......  When I went 
to school I went in with a open mind to all new concepts. Especially 
those from people that had practial experience.

Until you've done the math/test's give it a rest, After your past the 
"Hunch" stage then you just might be able to talk about this 
intelligently. Now Pay Up.


Eric Fletcher