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Re: wastegate spring replacement for a 200TQ


What is this fuel pump relay control box?  What does it do and how does it
work?  Sounds interesting.

>To all who are interested,
>A few months ago I purchased 2 new springs from Charlie Smith, for
>my car and a friends.  I installed the spring, in my 84-5KST, and
>things work just great. -good job Charlie-  I recently bought a 90
>200TQ and after putting on 3k miles, I installed the spare spring
>from Charlie and it ran over the cut-out limit with almost no effort
>on my part.  I took out the spring and installed the factory spring
>from my 84 and it works great.  The spring from the 84 is about 1"
>longer than the stock 90 200 spring.  The 84 spring works just fine.
>I get 1.5 bar and the fuel pump does not cut-out.  The car runs fine
>with lots of power.  I am patiently wating for the fuel pump relay
>control box from Charlie as I'm leary of doing the grounding thing
>for extended periods of time.
>84 5KST
>90 200TQ

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL