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Re: VIN translation please


>How do I interpret the VIN on my 83 TQC?
>My car's VIN is WAUDC0852DA900436.

I don't have any rference handy, but if you don't get an answer let me know
and I'll look it up at home.

>Please don't tell me the car is not what it was represented to be.  I
>have already had enough bad news today from my Audi dealer. . . my
>baby, which I have owned for 15 days now, is in for $1,300 worth of
>"deferred maintenance."

Two points.  One, welcome to the world of the urQ. Two, check into
independent shops.  I used to use the dealer here, and only wish I had
switched long ago.  I find the dealer woefully uninformed on this car, and
I probably could have saved well over $1000 over the past few years in
unnecessary or overpriced repairs.

I did save more than that amount by buying the parts from IPC in many
cases, and having them drop-shipped to the dealer. The dealer wasn't happy,
but that really didn't concern me.  For some parts that aren't too safety
critical or normal wear items, I have found a few good wrecking yards from
this list.  The ones I use ship the part, so they're very convenient.

BTW, what are the items of deferred maintenance?

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL