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Re: Al rotors

> >so everybody's bragging about the math, but where is the math???
> >nobody wants to do the math???  then everybody's wrong!!!
> Nice try Eliot, But I don't need to do the math BTDT. Like I said there 
> are books..... Which I have.

the engineering library here at UW has good books too... that's not my
point.  my point is that if any of you guys want to "win" this
argument, you guys would have to do the math HERE ON THIS LIST and not make
vague references to where the TRUTH may be located....

if you don't care enough to prove this beyond a shadow of doubt, then
you will not succeed in silencing your critics and that's what i
jokingly meant by "everybody's wrong".

flames and resumes are not considered math as far as i'm concerned....

i'm keeping an open mind on this topic....