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Re: Lug Stud

Senor Robert D'Amato quoth:

> I made a tool a while back that did just this. It was "U" shaped, with 
> the width of the U being the distance between 2 bolts. I had the ends 
> tapered slightly for easy insertion into the lug holes. I put the tool 
> into two holes in the rim and then into two holes in the rotor. It lifts 
> the tire into spot and aligns it immediately. Plus you can let go of it 
> and it will stay there so you can put in the remaining two lugs. Works 
> like a champ and easy to make.
I like this idea!  I could live with this or with the threaded rod.  
Since Graydon was nice enough to send the specs on diameter and 
pitch, I might just see if I can find the threaded rod or a long bolt 
(which I can cut off...)  OR........... I might find a use for some 
re-bar and my bench grinder to make a "U" like the one you describe.  
I betcha that's no more than a 20-minute job, and I think re-bar 
would work.

(Sounds like a guy with a new bench grinder looking for an excuse to 
make sparks, right??)

Hmmmmm....lessee....didn't I see some re-bar around here......?

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