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Re: Good News, Consum. Reprts. doesnt like A4

Sometimes good news can be bad news.  The more magazines tout the praises 
of the A4 the more poeple are likely to buy them.  then, after a year or 
so and they decide that they really do not like the cars back they come 
to the used car lot and we audi enthusiasts whoa re too smart and/or too 
cheap to buy new can pick them up with lots of factory warranty left for 
a decent discount.

My guess though is that lots of us are awaiting the arrival of the A4 
1.8t and for Ned & Jo hoppen to put together a performance package.

Happy Valentine's Day one and all.  Wish I was selling roses, 
chocolates and naughty nighties today--high profit time.

Bill Murin