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Re: price on 89 200TQ?

At 03:36 PM 2/13/96 -0800, you wrote:
>What is the group's wisdom on a price of $6k on an 89 200TQ, 137,500 miles,
>pearl paint, BBS-style wheels, tires 1/2 tread, mini-spare, overall nice
>shape, drives nice too, dealer maint, very minor dent in trunklid, all minor
>problems to be fixed, 30 day warranty and 6 months on the climate control (I
>negotiated that one). Price of $6k assumes that no additional problems are
>found by mech on pre-sale inspection and test-drive.
>Too good to be true? Fair? High?
This seems like a very good price.  At 137,500 miles, many of the problems
associated with these cars should have already been fixed.  Definitely get a
preinspection done and make sure those warranties are in writing and are
very specific.


John Karasaki

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