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Studs & 89 200TQ

Ok, first the studs...... :-)

In my toolkit for the 89 100 Avant and the V8 for that
matter... there is a plastic dowel thingy with threads
that screws into the wheel to locate the hole and
help mount the wheel.  Isn't that in your toolkit ?

This one is to Glen....

Glen I have done the "show up 15 minutes before they close
on the last day of the month"  Trust me it works.  I bought my
old 89 100 with 45k miles on the last day of Nov. at 9:30pm....

I'd been in already a week before and they went from 13k to 11,900
but I wanted it for 10k something.....

Well on the last day of Nov. at 9:30pm, they let it go for 10,900.-

I walked in and asked for the business manager.  told him I would buy
the car right know for 10,900.  He checked my credit and said deal.

Doesn't hurt to try :-)

Mike L.

P.S. If your paying cash, get a bank check for your price and hand it
       to them. Its amazing what cash in hand will do to negotiations :-)