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Re: AudiOnly's Phone Number???

> > Mike > Good luck, haven't got e-mail, voice mail, snail mail or fax mail
> > response from Peter in about a month.  Kinda rips me, have done a good >
> amount of biz together, then he disappears.  I thought the idea of having
> > so many lines of communication was to let people know what is going on. 
> > Mike
> > 
> I heard he was working on a project of some sort.  His mailbox was full,
> so I left a voice message.  He called me back in ten~fourteen days.

I last talked to him on January 9th as I was looking for a 3.73 final drive
for the '87 5k I totaled on January 10th ... he said he would check what he
had on hand and call me back.  I never did hear from him again...

BTW, he did say that he was working on building a car to race at the Pike's
Peak hillclimb: an '86 5ktq!  It will be a limited-budget project made from
as many used Audi parts as possible ... should be interesting, eh?

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