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Re: Mobil 1 5W-50

> I was looking at a friend's English auto magazine yesterday and noticed an
> ad for Mobil One.  The ad featured a container of 5W-50 fully synthetic
> oil.  I have a few questions:
> Have any of you seen this in the US?
> 	Would seem to be a great choice for year round use.

Not in the U.S. ALthough I've seen the ad almost everywhere BUT in U.S.
Who are we to complain? There are numerous interesting things that don't 
come into U.S., reflecting the taste of U.S. consumer majority et al.

> Is it a good/bad idea to use a synthetic motor oil with this much of a
> viscosity difference?  
> 	I recall reading such a spread has negative connotations in
> conventional oils.

Viscosity modifiers thang -- too much and ain't no good. Synth doesn't 
use it as much.

> Using the grades of Mobil One I have seen (15-50, 5-30, 10-30), would
> 15-50 be a good choice for year round use since it is synthetic?

I've using 15w-50 year round to no ill effects. The darn car still 
started during the Blizzzzzarrrd weeks..

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