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Re: Quattro Digest V3 #130

Hello Audi Lovers,

This is my second tour of duty to the list.  The digest is easier for me to
handle, so here is my 2 cents on various topics.

	1. Poor lighting - 5000 series.  I went fo the Hella XL's.  These are
auxilliary low beams.  They can be aimed and are a big help.  Purchased from
Rapid Parts in Tallman, NY (914-357-6611) as I shopped best price.

	2. Pulsing idle.  After various discussions with my mechanic, he suggested a
bottle of octane booster to combat the methanol that they add to the gas for
the winter.  Seems to have worked for now.  Maybe it just cleaned out 

	3. Body parts.  I've posted this before. Purchased my 87CSTQ from Egenton's
Garage, Plainfield, NJ (Fax 908-753-9343)  (Phone 908-753-9289).  Ask for
Eddie. They usually have a number of VW's and Audi's around for parts. 
Someone needed a sun visor.  And if  you ever need a mechanic in the Central
New Jersey area that you know you can trust these are the guys.

	4. Parts.  I phone shop everything.  Most often  I get great prices from
Impex Distributors (1-800-736-3550).  Usually deal with John.

	5. Radio.  For us poor folks a Sony In-dash CD player works just fine. 
Actually more than fine.

	6. Cold Shifting. Had tranny and differentials filled with synthetic.
	It pays to shop the item. The ads in the back of EC are a big help. It also
depends on your atitude toward the particular vehicle  you are working on,
i.e. Jetta GL, I went for Boge TurboGas from ASI (1-800-683-2890),  Quantum
GL Wagon (over 100,000 miles) I went with Monroes from my local parts guy -
ride is fine.

	The usual disclaimers apply. I have no personal financial stake in any of
the above. I just love my car.

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