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Re: High Hydrocarbon count - Fix?

In a message dated 96-02-15 13:54:46 EST, you write:

>Just had the '88 5kQ emission tested in GA. It passed all accept the
>The ceiling was 220, the Q hit 1400. Since this is a California car with CA
>emission equipment I was a bit surprised.
>Any advice/input on how to resolve this issue besides a tune-up (just done)?
>Thanks in advance.

Here's my story  - may you learn, avoid frustration and save $$. 
Car is a 83 UrQ. Your car and mine are both CIS cars. I took mine in for
polution testing in Illinois. First pass HC was 207(CO was over the limit), I
tweaked the mixture and managed to get the HC up to 308 for test 2.  For try
number 3 I took it to the local Audi dealer.  After $550 for fixing minor
"vacuum leaks" the car managed an HC of 124 and it passed. 

Not the end of the story. Next year same beginning, first time through HC=212
and CO over the limit by a factor of 600%.  I thought maybe the cats bad.
Took a look and it was melted through.  Went out and bought a new cat (from
IPC tell Rod Mark sent you) put it in and managed to have for test 2 an HC of
195 and a CO of only 550% over the limit.  At this point I refused to "see my
dealer."  Even though my records on the car show that the O2 sensor was
replaced less than 20,000 miles earlier I decided to replace mine.  After I
got in there I could see no evidence that the O2 sensor was previously
replaced.  I replaced the sensor, tweaked the fuel mixture and idle as per
instructions from Mike at SportWheels, took it back for test 3 and managed a
HC=4 and CO was 00.00% for BOTH HIGH AND LOW IDLE.

Conclusion.  Run do not walk - check out O2 sensor make sure its OK - you do
not wank to melt down your catalytic converter and drive a "dirty" car.