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Re: wiper probs


     Not sure if you got my reply yesterday due to some cyber-addressing
"crainial anal-vapor" on my part but I believe your problem exists in the
motor itself.  There is a cam and switch that work together to supply power
to the wiper motor after you shut the stalk switch off.  This allows the
wipers to return to the *park* position.  Disconnect the plug at the wiper
motor.  You should have continuity between pins 53a and 53e when the wipers
are at any position other than *park*.  At park it should read open (no
continuity) with an ohmmeter.  53a=black/gray wire, 53e=brown/green wire.
 Measure at motor plug of the equivilent harness wire location.  Hope this

                                                               Bruce Johnson
                                                               '85 4Kcsq