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Re: High Hydrocarbon count - Fix?

At 12:47 PM 02.15.96 EDT, KEN wrote:

>Just had the '88 5kQ emission tested in GA. It passed all accept the
>The ceiling was 220, the Q hit 1400. Since this is a California car with CA
>emission equipment I was a bit surprised.
>Any advice/input on how to resolve this issue besides a tune-up (just done)?

I once had a similar failure, but only at the high speed (2500rpm) test
(they test idle and high speed here in Washington).  turns out my timing was
just a tad off, causing an occasional miss at speed.  i suppose the tweaked
distributor (quicker mechanical advance) didn't help this any, but a bump
back down and all was fine.  this was on an '87 4kcsq (2.22l 115hp), so this
may not apply for you.
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