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Re: Is that a good habit?

Bob says:
On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, Albert Ng wrote:

> selector to the N position to reduce the stress and temperature of the
> tranny fluid, and extened the life of the tranny.<<
> So that sounds pretty good, but is that really wroks?? Will it hurt the
> tranny if always switching between N & D?

You know.. I often thought about that. I had a friend that had a Toyota
somethingoranother with an auto, and every stop light he would put it in
Neutral. It seemed to me that there would be more wear and tear on the
valving and U joints/CV joints than just leaving it. Dont you know, the
tranny had to be replaced twice within 65K? After all, isnt that what
torque converters are for???
I drove my old MB 220D well over 300K driving it the 'normal' way, and
never any tranny problems. (although I was putting 50hp through a tranny
that was made for 300 too!

I typically pop it into N if I'm sitting for a bit, not
only with the Audi but also with my other slushboxes (Jag,
Suburban). No problems in quite a few vehicle-years.

I suspect that while you can make valid arguments both ways,
this one basically boils down to driver preference.

Perhaps Al "Tranny Meister" Powell has some thoughts on this??

Eric T.    '86 5kS