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RE: Secrets of Speed last night

More importantly: did anybody tape it. I missed it!!!! Again :-(

- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, wa

| From: Mark Hogan  <mark.hogan@triteal.com>
| To:  <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
| Subject: Secrets of Speed last night
| Date: Thursday, February 15, 1996 8:49AM
| Did anyone catch Secrets of Speed last night (9.30 PM EST) on ESPN2?  It
| was the thinly disguised Audi V8 Quattro commercial that I believe we've
| discussed a couple of months ago.  Great show!  A good deal of it
| interviewing Hans Stuck on the autobahn doing about 260 kph in his black
| with grey int. V8 (same colors as mine...I was tickled..my wife, just
| bored).  Great racing footage, too.  Not to mention a couple of not too
| subtle slams of MB drivers...(paraphrasing here) "They think they own the
| road..."
| Mark