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Re: Shift boot$$

Ridiculous.  Anyhow, all of y'all with 4k's (especially non-q ones, but 
q's as well) should check to see if the VW Quantum parts fit your car.  I 
know the 4k front wheel bearings are around $40 each, whereas the Quantum 
ones are around $30 (that's bearing only - no kit).  And I have a Quantum 
bearing on one side and a 4k bearing on the other.  The leather shifter 
boot for my Quantum is $75 from the dealer.  That's still a heap of 
change, but a lot cheaper than $180.  Everything in the engine bay is 
identical between these cars, as well as most if not all of the front 
suspension.  Just another option.  Be sure and check very closely if 
you're looking to buy a VW part for your 4k (little disclaimer to cover 
my butt), they may not be the same.  Another example - $28 Paggid brake 
pads and $95 Ate vented rotors.

'86 VW Quantum GL5
Auburn University, Alabama, USA
Hometown - Reidville, South Carolina, USA

On Fri, 16 Feb 1996 Autobahn01@aol.com wrote:

> Hey y'all, any guesses as to the cost(new oem) shift boot(leather) for a late
> style 4000/CoupeGT? Well, I called on one today for a customer and was bowled
> over...
> Anyone?
> one hundred eighty dollars(US).....whew!!
> Guess I'll tell him to have one made up!
> Regards,
> -Chris Semple
> Autobahn01@aol.com
> '87 4000q
> I'll have to stop selling those things for $15 used....