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Trannys Be'Us

> From: erict@cta.com (Eric Thorstenson)

> > selector to the N position to reduce the stress and temperature of the
> > tranny fluid, and extended the life of the tranny.<<

> I typically pop it into N if I'm sitting for a bit, not
> only with the Audi but also with my other slushboxes (Jag,
> Suburban). No problems in quite a few vehicle-years.
> I suspect that while you can make valid arguments both ways,
> this one basically boils down to driver preference.
> Perhaps Al "Tranny Meister" Powell has some thoughts on this??

Oh, Lawdy.  If thrashing around on the net seeking a cheep way out and 
then writing a big check makes me a tranny-meister, we all be's in 

At any rate, I have also heard debate, but tend to the opinion that a 
properly operating automatic is not damaged nor disadvantaged by 
sitting in gear while waiting for lights.  I personally don't think 
that shifting at idle causes enough strain on U-joints to be a 
stress/wear factor, as long as they're not failing already.

WARNING: the following statement verges on trying to say more than I 
really know!  END WARNING......

I recall (back in the dark recesses of my trivia-loaded mind) reading 
an article which counseled against *extended * idling in neutral for 
automatics.  IF I remember the gist (note qualifier) of this, it was 
that there are some automatics which do not circulate fluid through all 
parts of the [tranny or cooler] (I really don't remember which) while idling 
in neutral.   This meant that extended idling could harm them, 
perhaps by overheating; I'm afraid I don't recall specifically.

Now - my memory  MAY be confused as to whether the selected gear 
setting was Neutral or Park; I believe it was neutral.  Remember that 
when it is actually engaged in gear, the transmission IS working as it was 
designed to work.  That's reassuring to me.

The bottom line for me - AKA: retained information - was that from 
since reading that article, I leave an automatic in gear while engaged in 
traffic.  If I'm parked and must idle, I use Park.  If I toast my 
tranny doing this, at least I'm doing it with good intentions!

Wish I could remember more specifics about this, but I read this 
thing about 15 years ago...

Additional qualifiers:  YMMV, BFD, FAGHWCTTD 
("From a galloping horse, who can tell the difference?")

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