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Re: Dealer Q prices

Car buying philosophy 101:

I searched *along* time for my pearl/black 90 CQ. I looked at about ten
different cars over a 1 1/2 yr. period. It seemed all the dealer ones were
either thrashed, auction cars, or they wanted *way* to much for them. I
finally found one from a private party, original owner, with only 27K on it.
It was perfect. Not one ding, scratch...it even still had that new Audi smell.
The only thing the guy had ever carried in the car were his golf clubs (and I
thought I was anal!). My search was over. He wanted $18K. I got it for $17K
with an extra set of tires (original Dunlops w/ only 12k on them) and an
extended warranty (good till 97/70K). I realized I probably paid a little
much, but considering the condition, *this* was the one. I have not yet seen
one in this good of condition. I could of picked one up for $13K with 75K on
it but thats not what I wanted. I was willing to pay more for a *nice* coupe.
The moral of all this drivel? Buy what *you* really want and get the best deal
you can, and enjoy the car. Like you said: A cheap car is easy to find, a
*nice* car for a cheap price is something else.
 I say, be happy with your S4 purchase (at least you have an S4). Sounds like
you may have paid a little too much, but so what. You got the one that you
wanted and got a fair deal (except for the door damage etc....that sucks), and
its an S4! Ask youself: if you had gone back to get the car, and it was gone,
would you have been bummed? If yes, then you got a good deal. If not, then the
car wasn't meant to be!  

Jef Johnstone
90 CQ 39K
90 FZR1000

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