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Re: My Q is hemorrhaging

At 02:44 PM 2/15/96 -0500, you wrote:

:	My new (to me) '87 5kcstq has started to hemorrhage powerstearing fluid. 
:I know this is common on these cars, but from my understanding, it is usually 
:the rack or the pump that goes.  In my case, it looks like the fluid is
:from the hose.  On the pressure hose going from the pump to the rack, there
is a 
:metal tube section that leads into the rubber section.  It looks like this is 
:where the fluid is escaping, but it's getting hard to tell with so much fluid 
:around.  Does this sound likley?  Or am I being decieved.  The local auto
:store want $155 for the hose, sound resonable?


Sounds reasonable to me.  Whats leaking is the high pressure hose.  Your
local dealer probably gets $200.00 for one of  these puppies.  It carries
over 200 PSI of power steering hydraulic mineral oil.  You must buy this oil
from someone (dealer or reseller) that knows the part number.  Its something
like $18.00 per pint.  Do not use just standard hydraulic fluid. You will
destroy the rack.  I got had to get one for my old 85 Audi.  I found one at
the local auto parts store for 129.00.  It failed again after 2 years.  They
replaced it for free but didn't cover me for my labor.  The message here?
Get a good one!  BTW  did I mention its a bitch of a job to remove the old
one and install the new one.  Its just as fun the second time around.  BTW
this is not an uncommon problem.