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Factory Mud flaps WANTED!!!!!

     Hey y'all,

          I just got off the phone with Carlsen Audi and they just informed me
that Audi has discontinused the front factory mud flaps for my car (a 5000CSTQ)
.  I was very dissapointed!  They still make the rears, and gave me a price of
$42.50 on them, but I think the car would look stupid with just the rear mud fl
aps on it.....I want the full set!  If anybody has a set of factory front mud f
laps for a 5000TQ, or knows where I can find them, please e-mail me.  I've trie
d 3 dealers with no avail.  Thanks.

        BTW< I just placed an order with Bavarian Autosport for some Lexol Viny
lex (I've decided to make the switch from Armor All), and just wanted y'all to
know that they have it.  I also ordered some more Zymol HD Cleanse....I ran out
I just love that stuff!  Thier number is 1-800-535-2002.  Usual disclaimer.