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Re: V8 upgrades

Tim Gortner wrote:
> Does anyone have a source for, or first-hand knowledge of performance
> upgrade information for V8 Sedans?  I'm thinking of a chip upgrade
> initially, but if there is something beyond that, I'd be
> interested.  Thanks.

I have been inquiring for several months about this.  There are 
several chips including from IA (Ned), also cams from Shrick.  But 
most are not designed to work together as a system.  I thik that for 
the right ammount of money, Ned at IA can do anything with the V8 
including twin turbos(which must be gawd awful expensive).  Good 
luck and hopefully some of us might be able to piece together some 
nice modifications for our V8's

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro