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Re: network wars ...

Earlier, shuman@vix.com wrote:
> Good point Glenn.  I haven't talked to Charlie about the box for a while,
> last I heard he was fighting network wars. 
> Has anyone heard from Charlie lately??
Yeah, I'm surfacing again ...  

The netvark vars have been heavy and long ... my original internet
service provider had hacker/cracker invasions and pulled the plug
to straighten things out - they aren't straight yet, and that was 
about two weeks ago!  I'm now set up on a better connection to a
different provider, and everything mostly works again!

I haven't spent the time on building overboost control boxes that I 
thought I would be able to do.  I've got the circuit that works
well, but I've got to find the time to get some PC boards made, and
then to put them together and so on ...  I *will* get these done, 
just haven't yet.

   - Charlie

Charlie Smith   charlie@elektic.elektro.com  614-471-1418  
Columbus, Ohio USA

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