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Re: Dealer Q Prices (was Re: Studs & 89

> When asked about any MVA's (accidents) with the car, the salesman replied
> that the car wasn't in *ANY* accidents, but when I brought the car home
> and looked closely, I found out that the passenger side front door had
> been repaired for some reason.

I discovered a similar thing with the '89 200tq I bought recently.  Because
the car was dirty from sitting under a carport for the past year, there was
no way I could have spotted the slightly mismatched spot of paint where the
passenger side front door had been repaired until after I washed it later.

Since this was a one-owner car and I specifically asked if it had ever been
in an accident (he claimed it hadn't), I called him about this.  He told me
the door had been repaired after a lumber cart at Home Depot rolled into it
and left a substantial ding.  I asked him why he didn't tell me this before
since I asked him about it and he pointed out that I *didn't* ask him if it
had ever had any bodywork done, which it clearly had, but if it'd ever been
in an accident, which it hadn't...

The moral here?  Choose your questions carefully and watch the way you word
them.  The answer you get may be truthful but not the one you were after!

With regard to your car, it's possible that a similar situation occured but
if the dash is slightly warped, as you suggest, it sounds like it's been in
an accident after all.  Of course, here in AZ, warped dashes are common and
don't necessarily indicate anything other than the fact that we get LOTS of
sunshine during the summer months!  (On June 26, 1990, we hit a record temp
of 122 degrees!  Most years, the daily high temp is over 100 by May 1st and
this continues until October 1st or thereabouts...)

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