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Re: <all> Mobil One 5W-50

In a message dated 96-02-15 07:55:24 EST, es61@prism.gatech.edu (Eric
Schumacher) writes:

>ad for Mobil One.  The ad featured a container of 5W-50 fully synthetic
>oil.  I have a few questions:
>Have any of you seen this in the US?

Some years ago I used Mobil 1 in the 5W-50 viscosity range for my motorcycles
(made them leak faster - big mistake on an English bike).  I ran out of my
original case a couple of years ago, and in the recent past, all I have seen
in the higher reaches of the range is the 15W-50 which you mention.  Mobile
does sell a different range of oils (including different additive pacakges)
in Europe, so the 5W-50 may still  be on offer in Europe.  Anybody seen it
here (U.S.) in the last few years?