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Re: Oil Level Light

On 12 Feb 96 at 10:59, Mark Hogan wrote:

> >Any 911 drivers out there?  Back in the deep, dark, dim recesses of my
> >mind, I hve the recollection that my '73 911 had an oil level gauge.  I
> >know it wasn't pressure & I dont think it was temp.  Had to be oil level?
> >Is the old brain playing tricks on me or is my memory corect.
> >
> >Bill Murin
> yes they do...I was going to point this out earlier in the thread, but
> decided since we were talking "idiot lights" as opposed to gauges, I'd keep
> quiet...

I remember some mid-80s 'murican utili-car that had an oil-level 
sensor built into the dipstick (ala my 5k's master cylinder cap).  I 
don't remember what it was, exactly...  Nothing terribly exciting, 


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