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Re: wastegate spring stuff, humor thrown in

>By grouding the fuel pump to the auto check oil press switch you
>will by that problem

I would DEFINATELY not do that.  Putting extra voltage+current from another
device not intended to be put there is NOT a good idea.  You could damage
both the auto check system and your ECU, and/or causing the auto check
computer to not see a low oil problem.  You CAN NOT connect two devices to
a SPST switch.  The two devices will affect each other.  If you used a
small relay with low current draw to sense voltage at the downstream side
of the oil switch, and use the relay to swith the ECU's pin to ground,
that's okey-dokey.
What you suggested would be like using the light switch for your garage
lights to activate your garage door opener through its switch inputs.
You'd fry the shit out of the garage door opener unless you used a relay to
switch the 12v signal to the opener seperately.  This at least gives you a
basic idea of what I'm talking about.

BTW, I was leafing through some aviation jokes I have collected, and I saw
a story someone found on the back page of Motorcyclis, and it reminded me
of the whole debate about C+D, R+T, etc.'s testing meathods and such:

Taken from the Last Page, Motorcyclist, September 1991
(The article is accompanied by a photo of a bike in the background.  In the
foreground we have a man in leathers w/ helmet holding a large bird from
one wingtip.  The wingspan is roughly as wide as he is tall...)
 Perils of Road Testing No. 23
    Staffer Lance Holst recently set a record by claiming the largest
confirmed road kill ever recorded during _Motorcyclist_ testing.  In fact,
due to the size of the bird and the circumstances surrounding its demise,
Holst was required to submit to interrogation by the FAA, as well as the
NTSB, AAA, the National Audubon Society and the Guinness Book of Records.
We quote the official FAA report.
  "During a routine evaluation session at _Motorcyclist's_ desert test
complex,  staffer Holst was traveling at a necessarily elevated rate of
speed whilst  quantifying dynamic stability criteria of a test unit.
Operating under Visual  Riding Rules, Holst sighted an unauthorized buzzard
on the road surface ahead, eating an unidentified dead thing (UDT).
Apparently distracted by a  particularly recalcitrant piece of viscera,
said buzzard failed to initiate its  take-off roll expeditiously and was
still in the early phases of a full-power  climb-out when Holst (traveling
at approximately 200 ft./sec.) realized a  collision was imminent.  Holst's
helmet contacted the buzzard just aft of the  right wing root, resulting in
instantaneous and catastrophic failure of the  bird's flight-control
system.  Staffer Holst blacked out momentarily  immediately after impact
but maintained control of his vehicle.  Later  examination of his Kiwi
helmet revealed substantial damage to its energy- absorbing liner,
indicating the severity of the impact.   "Eyewitness accounts of the
incident indicate the buzzard was not developing power after the initial
collision and traveled in a ballistic arc of substantial height, eventually
impacting the ground in a steep nose-down attitude.  There was no fire
after impact.  The bird was not transponder equipped and had not filed a
flight plan.

Just something a little funny for a smile today :)