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Re: AWS? 4WS, that is.

> Among others, the adnoH edulerP has 4ws around '89 - 91 or so.  I drove 
> one.  Drove well, but nothing special.  Still drove like a fwd.
> > Does anybody remember a car built a while ago that had 4 wheel steering
> > that gave it better handling supposedly?  It suddenly popped up into my
> > mind today.  I think AWS must have flopped big time because you don't see
> > the car on the road anymore, nor do you see new versions of it today...

Not only those, but Mitsu 3000 VR-4 which was debated on the list 
sometime ago (yeah, those!). Nissan has it on the Infiniti Q45, the 
Japanese version of 300ZX, and the skyline, among others. It was just too 
much hardware and price for 'Merican people to bear (just like AWD/4WD).

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