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Re: Tires for A4


I stopped by the dealer today.  No model numbers on the tires. 
Continental Conti-Touring is what I read.  The tires are neither
unidirectional nor asymmetrical.  Seem to have more and narrower slits in
the treads.  


Eric Schumacher

 >  > I've been told that new A4Qs are being shipped with
one > of two kinds of tires: either Goodyear Eagle RS-A, or
> Conti's (not sure of which model... anyone know?).
> I've got an A4Q on order, and my dealer told me that
> whichever tire my car is shipped with, he'd be happy to
> swap it with the other kind if that's what I want.
> I love choices.
> So, having no experience with either of these tires,
> can anyone offer some feedback?  I checked archives and
> found very little on the RS-A's and since I don't know
> which Conti's, I'm stuck on that one.  (are they 95H's??)
> Thanks,
> Dan Masi