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No Subject

m sure there are a few out there that just winced
>and ground their teeth over that one but, it sure lit a 
>smile on my face.  I like it when someone isn't afraid to
>just forge ahead and do some dastardly thing in the name
>of 'zhere's got to be a vetter vay. No one in zhere vright
>mind vould do zomthing like zat.' :-)

Every other method that I was told about or read was looking to be to 
much trouble.  I like to look at whatever task I'm going to undertake on 
my car for a while before I even take out the first tool.  Took me 10 
min. to finally convince myself that this was the way to go. Drove the 
car tonight for about 1 1/2 hours works great and it's as quite as it was 


Eric Fletcher