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Re: AWS? Long time ago-anybody remember?

On 17 Feb 96 at 16:47, Brett Dikeman wrote:

> Does anybody remember a car built a while ago that had 4 wheel steering
> that gave it better handling supposedly?  It suddenly popped up into my
> mind today.  I think AWS must have flopped big time because you don't see
> the car on the road anymore, nor do you see new versions of it today...

I think I remember a few cars that  were available with 4WS (Porsche 
959, Honda Prelude, Nissan's Super HICAS cars...).  It may (or may 
not) be a boon to handling, but it's obviously unnecessary for basic 
maneuvering, expensive, and probably too complicated for the general 
public to appreciate.  However, I'd be surprised if there aren't still 
some cars available with 4WS, if not in the US.


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