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Re: Superchargers

On Sat, 17 Feb 1996, Psycho Bob wrote:

> For one thing, since Audis has applied turbos to many models, getting 
> the Audi to turbo is a lot easier than do it from scratch for 
> supercharging (for a third-party mfr). Another, is that supercharge and 
> turbo have different power delivery region. And personally I like turbo 
> better because I surf the highway -- I'll be darned if I'm going to keep 
> the engine back at 1200rpm to feel the supercharging. (:

superchargers can literally be bolt on apps where turbos are not. So it 
is easier to supercharger a car than to turbo it. Although Audi has done 
a fine job of turbocharging cars, the older ones (urQ specifically) can 
really use some help down low. Some other cars like the 90-91 coupe 
quattro REALLY need the help down low,and a super would be a better app 
than a turbo, since it has all the top end in the world.

> As for electronic-motor supercharing, you have to do some researching to 
> look for an efficient motor. To force feed an engine, you need a 
> compressor that has enough meat to build the pressure. And I don't think 
> most fan motor will have enough power to do so. I suppose it's possible 
> to use them for "burst" applications -- like stop-ligh

Not so sure.. you would need a motor that can almost instantly change rpm 
proportionally with the engine. add boost when it isnt needed or wanted, 
say on lift throttle, and a lot of things are going to go pop.

> Of course, it's possible to both super- and turbo-charge a single engine. 
> It does wonders as both compliments each others' power-delivery 
> characteristics.

Yep... thats a great combination for small displacement engines.
Nowadays however turbo technology has come a long way...S4 gets max boost 
at 1950 rpm. Why supercharge?! If you really needed it off the line you 
can play clutch tricks once in a while.  Even with my UrQ getting boost 
at about 3500, I can still throttle up and get it off the line when 

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