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performance upgrade on 100T -90 (5KT?)

Hello, First i must admit that i'm not quite sure if the Audi 100 
Turbo thats sold in Europe is called 5000T in USA or not ?

However I would like to increase the power of my 100 T - 90
and asking for modification-suggestions.

I checked the market i Sweden to modify my Computer-Box
and came up with 2 providers.

Both want to have my box sent in for rebuild.
Both priced around $600

No 1: Modifying only to box giving me aprox 50 bhp more.

No2: Modifying the box and replacing the wastegate spring
giving me also around 50 bhp more.

Does anyone know how much bhp it will give me to only modifying
the wastgate spring to lets say 1.5 / 1.8 ?

Is the modification in the Box a chip-upgrade or is it rebuilt ?

Any other sources for those chip's or upgrades ?

/Best Rgds, Hans Nilsson

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