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Leaky PS Hose

Sandy Duffy <sandy@pcnet.com> wrote, about power steering hose 

> Sounds reasonable to me.  Whats leaking is the high pressure hose.  Your
> local dealer probably gets $200.00 for one of  these puppies.  It carries
> over 200 PSI of power steering hydraulic mineral oil.  You must buy this oil
> from someone (dealer or reseller) that knows the part number.  Its something
> like $18.00 per pint.  Do not use just standard hydraulic fluid. You will
> destroy the rack.  I got had to get one for my old 85 Audi.  I found one at
> the local auto parts store for 129.00.  It failed again after 2 years.  They
> replaced it for free but didn't cover me for my labor.  The message here?
> Get a good one!  BTW  did I mention its a bitch of a job to remove the old
> one and install the new one.  Its just as fun the second time around.  BTW
> this is not an uncommon problem.

Agreed about price and PITA to change.  You should be able to get a 
considerable discount thru Carlsen, Blaufergnugen or AudiOnly. One 
comment: the hydraulic system in these cars runs ***2000+ psi***, not 
200.  (This may have been a typo in the original post, though....)
I presume that the hose could carry this much pressure.  The message:  
BE CAREFUL WITH THIS SYSTEM.  When you work on it, bleed the pressure 
carefully first and assume it will still squirt when you remove any 

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