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Re: perf upgrade on 100T -90 (5KT?)- long

At 08:45 PM 2/18/96 +0002, you wrote:
>Hello, First i must admit that i'm not quite sure if the Audi 100 
>Turbo thats sold in Europe is called 5000T in USA or not ?
>However I would like to increase the power of my 100 T - 90
>and asking for modification-suggestions.
>I checked the market i Sweden to modify my Computer-Box
>and came up with 2 providers.
>Both want to have my box sent in for rebuild.
>Both priced around $600
>No 1: Modifying only to box giving me aprox 50 bhp more.
>No2: Modifying the box and replacing the wastegate spring
>giving me also around 50 bhp more.
>Does anyone know how much bhp it will give me to only modifying
>the wastgate spring to lets say 1.5 / 1.8 ?
>Is the modification in the Box a chip-upgrade or is it rebuilt ?
>Any other sources for those chip's or upgrades ?

I won't be the only one replying, so here goes.  Your stock box is limited
to 1.5 bar (about 7 lbs of boost) - above that the fuel pump is shut off.
I'm not sure what the stock spring allows, but I never got above 1.3
(digital indication) with my old spring. According to one of our local gurus
(yes, PDQSHIP I'm talking about you), 1.7-1.8 bar should give you in the
range of 200-210 hp. On a US engine that is 40-45 hp gained. I imagine with
the chip/spring upgrade you would be talking 1.9-2.0 bar.

Around that level you need to consider strapping the intercooler to prevent
popping the plastic ends off.

You will have a hard time getting much over 2.1 bar from the stock turbo (I

Here are some extra questions you should ask your upgrade provider:
1.  Is the overboost fuel cutoff (stock value 1.5) removed, or moved up (say
to 2.2, etc).
2.  Is the ignition timing modified?
3.  Are they willing/able to modify the chip after purchase if you are not

Most people around this list who are seriously horsepower happy deal with
Ned Ritchie in Washington State.  He is Audi specific and always attempting
to improve his product.  He advertises in European Car - archives can give
you his ph #.

If you want more hp than this, the cost rises exponentially.  You can add a
Shrick cam, RS2 turbo, modified turbine wheels, extrude-honed
intake/exhaust, low back pressure exhaust - all of which are still basically
bolt on (albeit expensive) modifications. Figure $4500 US for the above,
which with some dyno time and playing to dial it in would probably net you
420-450 hp. At this point you are starting to squeeze the envelope as far as
pulling more power without putting some serious bucks into it.

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