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FS: 1993 V8 Quattro in Rochester, MN

Hey gang,

Well, I was in Minneapolis yesterday, and then hit Rochester
today.  Anyway, Park Place Motors (formerly known as Rochester
Motor Cars) has a beautiful dark green on tan '93 V8 Quattro.  It
has 47,000 miles on it, and has the nice BBS look wheels.  I dunno
what the asking price is though.

I know that the phone # for Roch. Motor Cars was:  507-282-9468 
(I would assume the number is still the same as Park Place Motors).

BTW, they also have a nice '93 100CSQ Wagon if anyone is
interested... it was an AUTO though.   :P   

"Usual disclaimers here..."


'93 S4
'87 4kCSQ
'86 XR4ti