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FS: TWO 1993 S4's in Minneapolis

Hi gang,

Just passing on some info for anyone searching for a S4.  I was in
Minneapolis yesterday (at Carousel Porsche/Audi) and I found TWO
1993 S4's!  They are both dark green with black leather... one has
42k on the clock, the other has only 23k (or in the 20's).  They
both looked to be in great condition.  I asked a salesguy what they
were asking for them, and he said that he knew one of them was
$30,900... BUT, he wasn't sure which one.  Anyway, they also have
a dark green S6 (new I think) for sale... big bucks I'm sure.

Anyway, you can reach Carousel at 612-544-9591  (Roger Evanson is
the guy we dealt with there... nice guy).

Hope this helps someone!  :)


'93 S4
'87 4kCSQ
'86 XR4ti