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'89 200TQ autocross car ... NOT!

I did a foolish thing this weekend and ran my '89 200tq at the SCCA Solo II
Divisional event that was held in Phoenix.  I originally planned to run our
daily-driver class for people using street tires but there wasn't one and I
got stuck running in G-Stock instead.

Needless to say, I got my butt whipped but good ... in fact, I did as badly
as I ever have in my seven years of autocrossing.  On my final run, I found
another 1.5 seconds and finally started to get the hang of driving with AWD
... it's quite unlike anything I've ever driven before.  With a bit of time
and some money, it might be possible to make the car competitive on a local
level but it doesn't stand a chance beyond that.  Oh, well ... good thing I
enjoy driving it on the street.  (BTW, I took a "fun run" in a DSP Pinto --
don't laugh, it's pretty damn quick! -- and ran within .2 second of the two
guys who race it so I know my driving ability hasn't suddenly disappeared!)

Anyway, there was also an A4Q there driven by Jeff Reitmeir (a CA hot shoe)
and he ran the car in H-stock even though it hasn't been officially classed
by the SCCA ... he had approx. 10 seconds on me after two days and will win
a National Championship in it if the car stays in this class.  It looked as
impressive on the course as my car didn't ... I tried to take a closer look
at it but with the belly pan underneath the engine and the plastic cover up
top, there was absolutely nothing to see!  :^(

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