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Prelude 4WS

As a proud owner of 92 prelude 4ws, i would like to add afew my
opinion.  It is a great sports car with awesome handling
capacity.  You will definitely realize the 4ws when you make U
turn.  it feels like your rear end is turning faster than your
front end.  

I think the 4ws cost about 2-3k more than regular si, only bad
side was added weight.  However, with 160 hp, I had no problem
driving this baby to 120 + mph.  I think 93 was the last year
they brought 4ws to the state, and after that, they dropped it
for 190 hp vtec version.

Price wisthe listed price was $24K, BUT i got it for brand
new(54miles on odometer) in may 93 for $17250.  what a steal!

after 3 years and 45k miles, i am thinking about trading this
baby with chevy tahoe.  hopely i can get about $13k for the car.

Peter Yi

85 Audi 4000 S 150k miles
93 Audi 100 CS 
92 Honda Prelude si 4ws, soon to be 96 chevy tahoe LT