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Re:Wastegates and chips and resistors

At 03:35 PM 2/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Superchips hat back on!

>The resistor divider mod will advance the ignition throughout the range.
>This is because the computer "thinks" there is less air going in than there
The fuel injection system reads the input airflow just after the air filter
with the "sail" switch. Therefore the amount of boost does not affect the amount
of fuel being provided by the CIS.

However, the ENGINE ( MACxx )computer sees the wrong boost, and reads the
LOAD wrong.
It has no idea how much air is going into the engine, but "guesses" at the
loading by reading the intake manifold pressure, ( remember "vacuum advance" ? )
This is the culprit that provides the incorrect ignition timing.

>actually is and thus assumes there is less load. Less load = more advance.
>This mod is one to be careful of if the fuel quality is low as detonation
>can occur, followed by meltdown. However, this mod will improve the
>performance off boost. Superchips does not do a divider mod.

Alan Cordeiro