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K26 or K24 in 91 200qw (WAS: Superchargers)

Uhm, so what's in the 91 200qw? A K26 or a K24? Or something completely 

Now that I'm asking anyway, does anybody have torque and hp data 
throughout (or at different points in) the rev range on that engine?

- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, wa

| From: Glen Powell  <gpowell@acacianet.com>
|Audi used a *WAY* oversized K26 turbo for comp purposes that is
| ill-suited for street use. One kin git back almost all of the lost lowend by
| simply upgrading to the S4-type K24 turbo, a bolt-on mod with the required
| oil and water hoses, or, perhaps even better, upgrading to one of the
| PDQSHIP or RS2 turbos. The S4 turbo was the single best mod I've ever done
| to the Ur-Q without doubt!
| Vorsprung durch Technik,
| -glen