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Re: AWS? Long time ago-anybody remember?

There were actually a number of these cars if you're talking a while ago.

Honda Prelude Si 4ws
  (I see R&T did a test in 8/87, so I'm guessing an '87 model or early '88, 
  also I see a '92 listed in my spreadsheet, so this was around a bit)

Mazda 626 (only in a special 4-door, white, auto-trans, '88? only,)

Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 ('91 & '92)

Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4

Nissan/Infiniti may never have brought any "active" 4-wheel steering cars 
here.  I know they had some in Japan, but I believe the ones they sold here 
were more of a passive system.  

Of the systems above the Honda was a purely mechanical system, changing 
between in-phase and "out of phase" based on steering wheel angle.  The 626 
and Galant were speed dependent, the Mazda changing between phases, the 
Mitsubishi being in-phase only and only above 30mph.   I know the Galant 
was hydraulic; the 626 also, having a rear power steering fluid filter to 
change at 30 or 60K that was a pain due to labor, $200, I think.

In phase: \   \

          \   \
Out of phase:
          \   \

          /   /

One of the magazines (Car & Driver?) did a comparison of cars that were 
otherwise identical except for 2 vs. 4 wheel steer.  They were pretty 
unimpressed.  As recently as December I was shopping for a Galant VR-4 and 
test drove two.  Very nice.  Can't say that I could feel 4ws in any way.  I 
suppose high speed accident avoidance would be where you'd feel the 
difference.  I didn't think about it enough at the time to pitch the car 
around and (what a surprise) didn't actually have anybody cut me off during 
the test drives.  

  -Eric Harman (ericha@wrq.com)
  '91 Audi 200 Quattro
  '90 Mazda 626 GT
  '91 Mazda Protege LX (for sale)
  The lost patrol:
  '91 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, '86 Honda Civic Si, '72 Datsun 510, '72 
  Datsun 240 Z, '82 Kawasaki GPz 550, '74 Fiat 124 Special TC, '71 Plymouth 

> Does anybody remember a car built a while ago that had 4 wheel steering
> that gave it better handling supposedly?  It suddenly popped up into my
> mind today.  I think AWS must have flopped big time because you don't see
> the car on the road anymore, nor do you see new versions of it today...
> Brett