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RainX, Radar detectors in Canada (B.C.)

I am looking for suggestions on window treatments.  I used to love RainX on
my 944 Turbo- almost never had to use wipers (highly sloped windshield).
 But, lately on my 200Q, it seems like I am perpetually in the RainX streaky
mode soon after the new application, which is worse than no RainX.
 (Especially with my lights, see previous post) Yes, my Bosch/Autobahn wiper
blades are usually pretty fresh.  

P.S. My radar detector saved me at least eight times on highway 99 "sea to
sky" highway South of Whistler in B.C. Canada the last few times I've driven
up there (this month...)  Detectors are illegal in British Colombia, I think,
so the police usually drive/sit with radar on.  Vey easy to detect.  That's
good, since I usually drive the kmh speed limit in mph...Can anyone confirm
if I have to be too concerned about detector detectors?  I usually reach up
and turn off the detector once I have confirmed police presence, as my
detector is not new enough to be "invisible" to detectors.  (VG2 detectors?)
 ***If you are offended by above, I made it all up***. 

(Wanting to be) Streakless in Seattle
Andy Majewski
'91 200 Q
'90 V8