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The Red Green show is not a fantasy

Thank you Stevc...

A man after my own heart. How many rolls of Duct Tape(tm)
did you use ?  My vendor also has an 81 Turbo for sale for parts......
I was looking for a cheap and mild performance 
upgrade for those nasty headwinds here in Sask.
I have a feeling that the Quattro group here is 
getting a little conservative in their advancing 
years. I've been driving a modified 21psi CX500Turbo
engine between my legs for the past 6 summers and they 
are wondering about long term engine life ? Not the 
first thing that comes to mind at max boost.

I am starting to wonder if that joke is getting old...
"Canada is like the designated driver for North America"
I am neither handsome or handy ... sigh

sbarnes@acs.ucalgary.ca  wrote 
>Dear Patrick,
>How's it going eh?  I put a non-water cooled turbo from an '81 5k
>into my '84 4kSQ several years ago.  Just the exhaust manifold,
>the turbo, the throttle body/plumbing and the oil cooler.  
>No computer, no intercooler, no intake manifold.....just bent the
>suspension arm to clear the wastegate.  
>It's low tech, cheap, increased 0-100kph by 2 secs!!!!  Coupla
>hard things in the swap, but v. do-able.  Since the '81 is pretty
>low boost, the engine seemed not to mind the lack of oil jets and
>timing mods.
>Steve, Calgary
Patrick  James                             86 4000q  - Year round fun.... 
pat.james@sasknet.sk.ca              82 Honda CX Turbo