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Re: Filling with fuel

>On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Merlyn Plotz wrote:
>> I took my newly aquired 4000CSQ to the gas station for the
>> first time. I about froze to death trying to get it to take fuel.
>> The auto shut-off on the pump kept turning it off unless I 
>> dribbled the gas in. I could see no kinks in the filler pipe 
>> when I looked in the trunk. However, the pipe is designed
>> with almost a horizontal pipe section before entering the 
>> tank. Is this a design goof that I have to live with? Are there
>> any tricks that I can use? Or, do I (the car) have some
>> problem that I am not seeing? 
>That was one of my big beefs with the car too, and the main reason I sold 
>it. The tank is vertical on the 4k's for extra trunk room, (Right 
>andrew?? You realize we arent going to let this one die easily) and the 
>filler tube is horizontal. I found that if you put the nozzle in almost 
>upside down, you can get it to go in fairly well. I think mine was 
>somewhere around the 11:00 position for best fuel delivery.
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Agreed.  This problem, coupled with the relatively small trunk (I doubt any
extracurricular activities have occurred in a 4kq trunk), are two of my
biggest frustrations with this otherwise great car.  

FWIW, I hold the gas nozzle at about a 9 o'clock angle.  Doesn't splash
back, fills at or almost full flow.  Makes other people with normal(?) cars
look, tho.Must be some difference between 'murican and good cherman fool

BTW, has anyone done the research on putting other engines into 4kq's?  I've
heard of turbo's, NA's, and a 20v was mentioned here recently.  Any other
wierd combo's tried/researched?  I'd like to compare notes with other
interested parties.  Please email direct, Thanx in advance...