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Re: Good price on V8Q?

Chris King <cking@legend.txdirect.net> asked:
I just came across a 1990 V8Q for sale in the local paper for $7400.  It
says it has 100k miles, all records and it is supposedly dealer-maintained.
I have not seen this car, but I am thinking about taking a look at it later

I have a few questions though...is this a good price for this car?  It sure
seems like a deal to me, although I am not real familiar with the V8.  Also,
is the V8 the same body style as my '88 5kCST, just with a bigger engine?

Anyways, any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Chris,

I had been researching the V8's and have received *a lot* of feedback from
the listmembers here on the car...

$ 7,400 is a GREAT price on it (of course considering it's physical
condition...), just remember that about half (estimated) of them had their
dash replaced, due to an odometer problem - Audi just replaced the whole
dash. Another thing to look for on the car is the brakes, which were
originally the internal caliper type - they look like they have a "cage"
around them. If they are still on the car, a brake job is quite expensive!
Audi did perform a lot brake conversions for the car. (from the UFO (int.
cal.) to the normal type) I talked to my dealer, and he said that the kits
that they used to convert the cars front brakes are no longer
available...plus it involves replacing a lot of the front end parts.

The sheetmetal supposedly is different, with flared fenders, different
headlights, etc. I think that the wheelbase is almost the same, and the
length and width of the V8 is a little larger - I just haven't seen the specs
on the 5000 series, but the S4 and the V8 were almost the same...

Make sure that the car HAS been dealer maintained, as many of the parts are
very expensive to replace...the tranny is also a *potentially* weak point of
the car, but it is with *any* automatic transmission car. I change my tranny
fluid and filter, as well as the fluid in my rear diff. on my Chevy every
15,000 miles, and my original tranny went about 220Kmi! Check their service
records to see if any of this has been done.

When I was considering buying one, I made an appointment with the dealer in
the area to check the car out, plus compression test the engine, but I ended
up with the S4!

Hope this helps,

Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4
1990 Coupe Quattro
1986 Chevy Caprice